Rico should be able to resume his career

Rico should be able to resume his career

Victim of a serious riding accident two months ago, Sergio Rico should eventually be able to resume the course of his career.

Optimism is in order in the ranks of the Universitario 12 de Octubre hospital in Madrid where Sergio Rico, currently still being treated at the Virgen del Rocio hospital in Seville, is soon to undergo surgery. Victim of a terrible horse accident on May 28, the PSG goalkeeper must observe next week an operation to plug an aneurysm.

« The operation will consist of plugging an aneurysm, which is done today by interventional radiology, that is to say by inserting a catheter that goes from the groin to the brain, and the aneurysm is plugged with materials that are not likely to rupture in the future.dixit David Perez, head of the neurology department of the Madrid establishment aroused. In principle, this is a simple procedure, so we should be optimistic about the results. »

“No neurological damage”

The medical body is so positive that the resumption of the career of the former Sevillian seems quite possible. ” He suffered a serious traumatic brain injury and that’s why we had to put him in a coma, to calm him down and avoid complications. After this coma, patients generally recover from this situation without problems, provided that there is no neurological damage, which in this case does not seem to be the case. “, specifies the neurologist.

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