Candassamy world champion!

Candassamy world champion!

France’s Marie-Florence Candassamy won the world epee title at the Milan Worlds on Tuesday. A first for tricolor fencing since 2010.

Thirteen years later, France once again won the title of world champion in women’s epee. Since the coronation of Maureen Nisima in Paris in 2010, no Habs had managed to reach a podium at the World Championships. This Tuesday during the first day of the Worlds in Milan, Marie-Florence Candassamy bordered on perfection. Above all, she has achieved a dream course. Able to successively eliminate the German Alexandra Ehler (9-8) then the Chinese Sheng (10-6) Lin in the 32nd and 16th finals, the West Indian then chained the high-flying matches.

First in 8th against the French Coraline Vitalis (15-11). Then in the quarter, Marie-Florence Candassamy came very close to elimination. She picked up the equalizer at the very last moment before crucifying the Hungarian Anna Kun (14-13). A sublime feat but surpassed in the next round. In the semi-finals, the Habs completely mastered their subject against the Olympic champion, the Chinese Yiwen Sun (14-10). A perfectly played score and an exceptional level of competition maintained until the final to dominate the local, the Italian Alberta Santuccio, who fell from the French Alexandra Louis-Marie in the quarter.

Consecration at 32

The scenario of the semi-final was repeated almost identically during the first minute with only one touch in favor of Marie-Florence Candassamy. Well launched, the Habs quickly widened a 3-0 gap, almost disgusting their opponent. His attacks pass while those of the Transalpine are countered. And even if the latter returned for a time to two touches, she was never able to catch up. Marie-Florence Candassamy won her first world title at the age of 32. A consecration driving her comrades from the France team crazy with joy, who came to congratulate her while she burst into tears after having greeted the one who had beaten her last year.

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