Silverstone, the army called in reinforcement!


Photo credit: Panoramic

To try to prevent any intrusion on the track of environmental activists during the Grand Prix of Silverstone which takes place on Sunday, the organizers will benefit from the support of the army.

The memory of the past year is still very much in memory. While the British Grand Prix was taking place near Silverstone, environmental activists managed to enter the track to lie down on the asphalt in protest against fossil fuel production projects. The members of this group called “Just Stop Oil” are once again worrying the organizers of the British Grand Prix. They will receive the support of the army.

As indicated by the Daily mail Friday night, ” the army will be deployed at Silverstone to reinforce safety around the circuit. The English media specified that a hundred soldiers will be present on the spot. Almost a drop of water for an event that attracts no less than 480,000 people, including spectators and all staff. The soldiers will be placed around the track and on the side of the pits. The site adds that these soldiers will be located “ at hot spots at key times« .

Intensified searches

A facial recognition system will also be implemented, with more thorough bag searches. “Just Stop Oil” is particularly active in Great Britain and once again stood out this week at Wimbledon. It remains to be seen whether the presence of the army will make the difference and prevent any interruption of the race scheduled for Sunday at Silverstone.

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