Marseille will replace Mulhouse in the Magnus League

Marseille will replace Mulhouse in the Magnus League

Due to the legal liquidation of the Mulhouse club, it is the Spartans of Marseille who will replace the Alsatians next season in the Magnus League.

The Spartans of Marseille are rising in rank! For the first time in its history, the Bouches-du-Rhône club founded in 2012 on the ashes of the Hockey Club Phocéen will play in the Magnus League. A climb validated on the green carpet and not on the ice, the Marseillais taking advantage of the judicial liquidation of Mulhouse, which had finished eighth in the 2022-23 season. This season, the Spartans have finished eleventh in Division 1, but they benefit from the new system put in place for climbs, as explained by the Magnus League in its press release.

“This decision is part of the implementation of a regulatory system inviting Division 1 clubs to submit an application file for Synerglace Ligue Magnus membership by November 15, several reminders having been sent to clubs before this deadline. Only two files were received on November 15 and the 2 clubs, on the basis of the first elements received, were heard by the Magnus Commission in December 2022. The second financial component was produced by the two clubs at the beginning of February and was studied by the National Commission for Monitoring and Management Control (CNSCG), which drafted its recommendation on February 20. A reminder on the procedure for joining Division 1 in Synerglace Ligue Magnus was also sent on February 14 to all clubs in both divisions. In compliance with the regulations, the Bureau followed the recommendations of the various commissions, including the CNSCG, an independent commission specializing in the financial aspect.

The Marseille file having received a favorable opinion from the CNSCG and Magnus commissions, it is the only one to fulfill the conditions for accession to the Synerglace Ligue Magnus. The Marseille club therefore accesses the Synerglace Ligue Magnus for the 2023-24 season, subject to final validation of the club by the CNSCG, on the basis of the accounts closed on April 30, 2023 and the final provisional budget for 2023-24. The Board of Directors reminds all Division 1 clubs of the importance of completing the membership files before November 15 in order to be able at the end of the season to be able to claim to evolve in the higher category, according to the established regulations. , and subject to the necessary financial validations by the CNSCG. »

Briançon had also been drafted

Remember that the Briançon club, which finished last in the Magnus League, was drafted, because the Division 1 champion, Epinal, in full rebirth after having experienced a judicial liquidation in 2018, had not filed an accession file to the elite. “We are not yet in phase with the specifications of the Magnus League, we lack youth teams, we must continue the reconstruction at the level of youth management. The bases must be very healthy to be able to access the Magnus League, ”explained the president of the Vosges club Anne Mauffrey.

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