Galtier at OM, “a dream”

Galtier at OM, "a dream"

While Olympique de Marseille is looking for a new coach, Eric Di Meco does not hide his attraction for the Christophe Galtier track.

Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille have one thing in common: they are looking for a new coach this summer. The capital club has decided to sack Christophe Galtier, while the Phocaeans have accepted the departure of Igor Tudor. And to replace the Croatian, some do not hesitate to mention the name of… Galtier.

Invited to speak on the succession of Tudor, Eric Di Meco did not hide his preference. “Marcelo Gallardo, I have already spoken about it. I like it. But there is Galtier on the market“said the former OM defender, consultant on RMC.

A coach who would move from PSG to OM? For Di Meco, as Galtier was born in Marseille and played for OM, this would not be a problem. “Even if it is tricky because he has just finished in Paris, it will still be easier for him to be accepted in Marseille when he comes back from Paris than what happened to him last year when he arrived. in Paris, believes the former defender. The supporters ? They are happy when it wins, we know them. The football that gets people excited is the one that wins. »

That’s why Di Meco validates this track, even if it may not be for this summer. “My dream is that one day Galtier will coach OM, admits the 1993 European champion. Is it too soon after PSG? I don’t know. »

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