“Obvious racketeering”, alcoholism, it’s hot in Monaco

"Obvious racketeering", alcoholism, it's hot in Monaco

The ultras of AS Monaco expressed their anger in a press release in which they denounce the poor lifestyle of certain players.

Enough is enough ! Long in the race for the Champions League, AS Monaco faltered in the final sprint and now find themselves 6th in Ligue 1, in a position to have to settle for a place in the Europa League Conference for next season. A situation that angered the Ultra Monaco 1994 group, which issued an incendiary press release. Selected pieces.

“Unacceptable attitude”

“After being far too patient and believing in false promises, Ultras Monaco have decided to speak out today about the poor situation of our club, AS Monaco. We denounce the unacceptable attitude and the abusive lack of professionalism of a large part of the players of our first team. A laissez-faire attitude assisted by our corporate sports director, Paul Mitchell, who has never been able to take a real interest in our club and who has completely abandoned his responsibilities since mid-April, when he confirmed his departure at the end of season. From then on, the already deleterious atmosphere of the Monegasque locker room worsened and all concerns about professionalism or respect for the shirt disappeared. »

“Excessively drunk” players

“AS Monaco has become a vacation club for players who come and go for training whenever they want and who already have their minds set on their future clubs, with which they have transfer agreements. When we know the current stakes for the club and the need to qualify for the European Cup, how can the players afford, each week, to drink excessively in the bars of the Principality until 5 a.m. when they have training at 10:30 a.m.? »

A “totally distraught” Clement

“Among the chief vacationers, we return in particular to players with oversized egos who had organized a pressure group which had had Kovac fired, the last bastion of seriousness and professionalism at ASM. From now on, our players, who want to manage themselves, but who no longer know how to obtain the slightest result on the pitch, are openly stepping on a totally distraught Philippe Clement who no longer knows how to play this team. »

“A pitiful and cowardly team”

“We are therefore witnessing an obvious racket against the club and its owners. This shameful attitude is also unfair and abusive to the handful of players at the club who have remained serious and whose careers will suffer from abuse by their colleagues, as well as to young players who need to grow in a team worthy of this. name. Never in the history of AS Monaco have we seen such a pitiful and cowardly team. Our players openly mock us and the heritage of Monegasque football. »

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