Messi, towards a twist?

Messi, towards a twist?

If the future of Lionel Messi no longer passes through Paris Saint-Germain, it is not said that the Saudi track is necessarily the one that the Argentinian will follow. Another club has taken action.

Lionel Messi’s second season at Paris Saint-Germain is about to end at the same time as the French adventure of the seven-time Ballon d’Or. A passage which will have disappointed more than one, as the Argentinian will never have shown any sign of attachment for a club which had welcomed him after FC Barcelona pushed him towards the exit in the summer of 2021. The player is now looking for a new base and several options are on the table. The Saudi track is holding the rope for the time being, but Inter Miami has just come out of the woods.

If the interest of the club led by David Beckham is not a novelty, the fact that he has made a new concrete offer to Lionel Messi is one. According to the Spanish media Sport, the American franchise has even decided to pull out all the stops with an offer of a four-year contract, all accompanied by an annual salary of around fifty million euros. Obviously very far from the 600 million euros salary – over two years – offered by the Saudi club Al-Hilal, but enough to make the player think seriously.

The MLS in dream

Not a favourite, Inter Miami nevertheless has the advantage of being in another much appreciated by the Messi family. “La Pulga” owns a house there. Major League Soccer necessarily dreams of an arrival of the former Barça, a way also to promote the American championship, just over three years from the 2026 World Cup organized in the United States, Mexico and Canada . As for FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi is still waiting for a first concrete gesture.

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