Michael Jordan victim of a new attack


Photo credit: Panoramic

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen may have shone together at the Chicago Bulls, the agreement is far from cordial between them. The loyal lieutenant of “His Airness” attacked him again in the media.

Scottie Pippen’s fierce grudge against Michael Jordan broke into the eyes and ears of the general public when the documentary aired The Last Dance. Not happy to have said all the bad things he thought of the one he fed good balloons for years with the Bulls, Pippen gave a serious layer of it on Friday, as part of the podcast “ Gimme the Hot Sauce! »

The former winger spoke about the player he thinks Michael Jordan was before joining Chicago. And he was not kind. ” I saw Michael Jordan play before coming to the Bulls. He was a horrible player. For the others, it was horrible to play with him. It was one-on-one, bad shots. And then suddenly we became a team and we started winning. Everyone has forgotten who they were before. He was a player who was really not at the top of his category. »

Twelve years at the Bulls

Michael Jordan will appreciate this new tackle from the one who played twelve seasons for Chicago (1987-1998, then 2003-2004) and who won six NBA championship titles. Now 57 years old, Scottie Pippen remains one of the most talented wingers in the history of his sport.

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