Marion Rousse, it’s not fun anymore



  • 1/15

    Marion Rousse

    Big first week.

  • 2/15

    Marion Rousse

    The young woman announced her return… to work.

  • 3/15

    Marion Rousse

    His definition of happiness.

  • 4/15

    Marion Rousse and Julian Alaphilppe

    Time to go back to work.

  • 5/15

    Julian Alaphilippe and Marion Rousse

    A family moment.

  • 6/15

    Julian Alaphilippe

    Julian Alaphilippe has had a complicated new start to the season.

  • 7/15

    Julian Alaphilippe

    The Frenchman recorded only one victory, during the Drôme Classic, at the very start of the season.

  • 8/15

    Julian Alaphilippe

    What followed was much more complicated.

  • 9/15

    Julian Alaphilippe

    The leader of the QuickStep went completely through on the Tour of Flanders, set up as a priority objective.

  • 10/15

    Julian Alaphilippe

    The double world champion was not helped by events as evidenced by his new fall.

  • 11/15

    Julian Alaphilippe

    He therefore had to settle for a luxury team-mate role in Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

  • 12/15

    Patrick Lefevere and Julian Alaphilippe

    His relationship with Patrick Lefevere is affected.

  • 13/15

    Patrick Lefevere

    The Quick-Step boss no longer hides his dissatisfaction by regularly pointing to his XXL salary.

  • 14/15

    Julian Alaphilippe

    What raise the question of his future despite a contract that runs until the end of 2024.

  • 15/15

    Julian Alaphilippe

    A clause could allow him to leave the Quick-Step in the event of an interesting offer.

Marion Rousse’s return from vacation has given way to a particularly busy week. The companion of Julian Alaphilippe has given a small overview.

How far away the time for relaxation and quiet family days seems for Marion Rousse. Just a few days ago, the young woman was enjoying her vacation with her companion, Julian Alaphilippe, and their son Nino. But since everything has an end, back-to-school time has finally struck for the one who will once again take up her consultant’s microphone for France Televisions during the next Tour de France. Marion Rousse’s recovery week was therefore particularly busy.

And the former French road cycling champion shared it with her community by posting some photos of all her activities. To begin with, a media day during which she, for example, took a break for a series of photos. Then she continued with a day dedicated to the association Premiers de cordée, of which she is godmother, alongside other sponsors such as Kylian Mbappé, Vincent Clerc and Arsène Wenger. An association that takes care of sick and/or disabled children.

No more time to rest

But as she is also director of the women’s Tour de France which will be held in the wake of the men’s race (from July 23 to 30), Marion Rousse was therefore entitled to a day’s work on this subject. So many occupations that don’t leave him much time to do anything else, but it obviously doesn’t displease him.

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