Pair present at Roland-Garros? The verdict is in

Pair present at Roland-Garros?  The verdict is in

The FFT has unveiled the list of all the French wild cards awarded for Roland-Garros, and this time, Benoit Paire is on it. End of the controversy! Kristina Mladenovic, Diane Parry and Hugo Grenier are also among the guests.

Benoit Paire can be relieved. He will indeed play Roland-Garros without having to go through the qualifications next week. Last Tuesday, the French Tennis Federation unveiled the list of players obtaining a wild card on merit thanks to their good results since the start of the year in French and foreign tournaments: Hugo Gaston, Arthur Fils, Jessika Ponchet and Clara Burel. However, Benoit Paire had cried foul (rightly), because the FFT had suddenly decided that the deadline for achieving good performances was brought forward from May 15 to 8, arguing that the new ATP ranking would not be updated on May 15. , since we would then be in the middle of the Rome tournament.

But this Sunday, Benoit Paire played in the final of an Italian Challenger, which allowed him to overtake Hugo Gaston in the classification of the French Race, a classification updated after each match, and not each Monday. Finally, the FFT recognized its mistake and awarded the “international circuit” wildcard to Paire on Monday. Hugo Gaston is not sidelined, however, since he is on the list of French guests for this Roland-Garros 2023. At his side, we find Arthur Cazaux (20 years old, 197th), Hugo Grenier (27 years old, 124th) and Giovanni Mpetshi-Perricard (19 years old, 233rd).

At 14, D.Mpetshi-Perricard invited for the qualifiers

On the women’s side, in addition to Clara Burel and Jessika Ponchet who won the Race, the lucky winners are Séléna Janicijevic (20 years old, 189th), Léolia Jeanjean (27 years old, 125th), Kristina Mladenovic (30 years old, 153rd) and Diane Parry (20 years old, 109th). The wild cards for the qualifying tournament have also been revealed, and we find Dan Added (24 years old, 251st), Térence Atmane (21 years old, 249th), Gabriel Debru (17 years old, 533rd), Titouan Droguet (21 years old, 275th), Mathys Erhard (21 years old, 361st), Arthur Géa (17 years old, 982nd), Antoine Ghibaudo (18 years old, 734th), Sasha Gueymard-Wayenburg (19 years old, 396th) and Harold Mayot (21 years old, 196th) at the men, and Alice Albie (28 years old, 241st), Loïs Boisson (19 years old, 495th), Emeline Dartron (23 years old, 393rd), Fiona Ferro (26 years old, 392nd), Emma Lene (23 years old, 418th), Daphnée Mpetshi-Perricard (14 years old, not ranked WTA), Nina Radovanovic (19 years old, 558th), Margaux Rouvroy (22 years old and 292nd) and Alice Tubello (22 years old, 342nd) among women.

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