Worlds: Tolofua at the rendezvous, not Dicko


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Julia Tolofua validated her ticket for the semi-finals of over 78kg at the expense of Beatriz Sousa. Romane Dicko, defending champion, was taken out against Asya Tavano.

A medal remains in sight for Les Bleues in the over 78kg category. However, the day started with a surprise in the bad sense of the word for the tricolor delegation. Indeed, title holder in the category, Romane Dicko was disillusioned as soon as she entered the running. Exempted from the first round, the defending champion failed against the Italian Asya Tavano. While the Habs had the advantage, pushing their opponent to be penalized after just over 90 seconds for non-combat, the Transalpine managed the aggressiveness of Romane Dicko to make the decision 45 seconds from the end of the fight . On an inside sweep, the Italian went for a waza-ari before resisting an attempt to immobilize the French. Without a solution against Asya Tavano’s judo, Romane Dicko lost in this first fight and suffered a real snub.

Tolofua responds present

With the early elimination of the boss of the category, the tricolor hopes immediately rested on Julia Tolofua. The Niçoise managed to meet expectations with a qualification for the last four. Opposed to the Brazilian Beatriz Sousa, the fight did not last more than 90 seconds. While her opponent quickly received a penalty before both were sanctioned, the Frenchwoman found the fault on a mowing that put Beatriz Sousa on her back. An ippon which allows Julia Tolofua to join the Chinese Shiyan Xu in the semi-finals. A success that followed that obtained with wear and tear against the Dutch Marit Kamps who, having suffered the judo of her opponent, gave in on two attacks in less than 90 seconds. Two waza-ari who sealed the fate of this fight. Before this quarter-final, the Habs began their journey against the Venezuelan Amarantha Urdaneta. The latter very quickly gave in to the power of the Frenchwoman before being disqualified for a third penalty with just under a minute and a half still on the clock.

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