Tiger Woods, the clap of thunder!


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Tiger Woods is accused of “sexual harassment” by Erica Herman, his former partner and employee.

The career of Tiger Woods is near the end and the golfer who reigned over his sport for many years is now greatly handicapped by a body crippled with pain. More the problems are not only sporting and physical for the American who is now accused of sexual harassment by Erica Herman, one of his former companions. The latter was also an employee of the restaurant owned by the forty-seven-year-old man.

The accusation is relayed on Saturday by several media, including USA Today et Sports world who explain that the ex-girlfriend of Tiger Woods claims to have been ” forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement about their sexual relationship, at the risk of losing her job in her restaurant“. A version confirmed by the plaintiff’s lawyer who indicated that ” according to Mr. Woods himself, he imposed a confidentiality agreement on him as a condition of keeping his job« .

Money and personal property confiscated?

Master Benjamin Hodas then clarified that “a boss who imposes different working conditions on his employee because of their sexual relationship commits sexual harassment“. Erica Herman’s attorney also said that when “(Tiger Woods) had enough of their relationship, he tricked her into leaving her home, left her outside, took her money, pets and personal belongings and tried to force her to sign a different confidentiality agreement“. As for Tiger Woods, USA Today said he was unable to reach him or his lawyer.

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