Khazri “assumes” his “fat” label

Khazri “assumes” his “fat” label

Regularly targeted for being overweight, Wahbi Khazri responded to his detractors.

This week, Michel Der Zakarian criticized Wahbi Khazri for his few extra pounds. After the draw hung by Montpellier in Marseille (1-1), Friday evening, at the start of the 29th day of Ligue 1, the Tunisian striker returned to this label of « gros » which sticks to his skin.

“I am a bon vivant, I love life”

“I’m still the same player. It’s been 15 years that I have been stuck with the label of ‘big’ but I assume it. I am a bon vivant, I love life but above all I love my job, he launched. I’m a football fan, I watch all the matches, people forget that. If I was fat like people say, I wouldn’t have had the career that I do. I still made two World Cups. I speak with great humility but I give myself the means to succeed. »

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