Corinne Deacon “shocked” and “disgusted”, the terrible revelations

Corinne Deacon "shocked" and "disgusted", the terrible revelations

Heard as a witness in the case of the attack on Kheira Hamraoui, Corinne Deacon would have been outraged by the telephone tapping.

New in the case of the aggression of Kheïra Hamraoui. The former coach of the Blue, Corinne Deacon, was heard Thursday as a witness by the judicial police of Versailles in charge of the investigation. And according to her lawyer Christophe Ayela, the 48-year-old coach came out “shocked” et “disgusted” by telephone tapping, which, according to him, validates a “meticulously implemented media destabilization operation”.

“She (Corinne Deacon, editor’s note) took note of numerous elements communicated by the investigators – resulting, for the most part, from transcriptions of telephone tapping – the content of which, particularly shocking, came to confirm without ambiguity the existence of a media destabilization operation meticulously set up against him »said Christophe Ayela in a press release.

“Deacon could not hide his disgust”

“Confronted with several comments made about her, Corinne Deacon could not hide her disgust, he added. The elements discovered are all the more amazing as they implicate several recognized and influential personalities in French football, as well as their entourage. »

According to the JDD, Corinne Deacon was interrogated in particular on the relations between Kheira Hamraoui and Aminata Diallo, suspected of being at the origin of the attack which occurred last November and indicted at the end of last summer for conspiracy “ et « aggravated violence”. The former Clermont coach also was questioned about the role of César Macavala, close to Aminata Diallo, companion of Kadidiatou Diani, and adviser to several Bleues including Marie-Antoinette Katoto. This one had was indicted earlier this month for “organized gang extortion” et « attempted extortion by an organized gang”.

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