FFF: Florence Hardouin counter-attacks

FFF: Florence Hardouin counter-attacks

The former director general of the FFF has decided to challenge her dismissal before the industrial tribunal.

Florence Hardouin and the FFF, the soap opera is not over yet. The former director general of the Federation seized the industrial tribunal to contest her dismissal, indicates Le Monde.

Florence Hardouin claims damages in order to repair “the harm she considers to have suffered in the context of the performance and termination of her employment contract and the possible violation of the employer’s security obligation towards her”, indicates the log.

Carried away by the media storm which also precipitated the departure of Noël le Graët, Florence Hardouin had been laid off by the FFF last January, the day after her hearing by the inspectors of the audit carried out by the ministries of Sports. The former leader, who had been in the role since 2013, was first fired for ” serious misconduct “, more the FFF subsequently withdrew this qualifier.

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