Rothen campaigns for Mourinho at PSG

Rothen campaigns for Mourinho at PSG

Christophe Galtier in the turmoil in Paris, the question of a change of coach arises. Jérôme Rothen would see José Mourinho land at PSG.

« First of all, I am not asking that Christophe Galtier be removed from his postspecifies on RMC this Tuesday the former of the red and blue house. But if it is the choice decided by the Parisian leaders, indeed I think that we should not look further than José Mourinho. He is a strong coach, a coach who has won and who has had a lot of experience. He will be respected by all the players in the locker room. »

In the eyes of the former Monegasque and Parisian left-hander, the Portuguese coach has the grip required to lead a star squad such as that of PSG. ” He would reign in a discipline that has disappeared for X years at Paris Saint-Germain. He could reframe players when there are nocturnal escapades on the part of some and it makes noise. He will be aware of everything and will not hesitate to put the players in front of their responsibilities even if they have a status and a significant salary at the club. »

And to recall the exceptional record of the 60-year-old strategist: “ Apart from Tottenham, where it was not an easy mission and where he did not win a title, all the clubs he went to won titles. I say all the clubs, including recently. […] Me it makes me climb the curtains this guy! I am convinced that he will manage to move this club and give it a good direction. With all the experience he has and because he is passionate, I am convinced that he will wake up a large part of the people who are passionate about Paris Saint-Germain and who are asleep today and say nothing more. . »

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