Bjorndalen approaching?

Bjorndalen approaching?

After the departure of the coaches of the French men’s team, the boss of French biathlon let it be known that he did not appreciate the behavior of the tricolor biathletes. As for the succession of coaches, it is now open and the legendary Ole Einar Bjorndalen would not say no.

If in recent years the French men’s biathlon had largely taken over the women’s biathlon, with the big globes won by Martin Fourcade then Quentin Fillon Maillet, this season the women have clearly outstripped the men, with the big globe won by Julia Simon and the multiple podiums, all without Olympic champion Justine Braisaz Bouchet, who became a mother in February. French men’s biathlon has even entered a period of crisis, with the announcement on Friday of the departure of coaches Vincent Vittoz and Patrick Favre, with whom the current was no longer flowing.

On Sunday, the boss of French biathlon Stéphane Bouthiaux spoke on this subject to RMC, and did not fail to scold his athletes, who ended the season with ten podiums, including a single victory, during the relay at the Oberhof Worlds. “The predominant feeling is sadness because Patrick and Vincent are friends. We have experienced so many great things together, enormous results. I thank them for all they have done. I hated the shape. I think on the form, the athletes have not been good, I told them clearly. There were other ways of doing things, of discussing, of explaining themselves which might and probably would have led to the same decision, he warns. But not like this. It was not cool at all with people who gave their lives for four years for them. I told them, they know it. »

What if it was Bjorndalen?

Regarding the succession of Vittoz and Favre, Bouthiaux will now take his time to think, the next World Cup season only starting on November 25. He assures that the biathletes will be kept informed of the negotiations, especially if there are several possible choices. The position of coach of the French men’s biathlon team is obviously a highly coveted position given the potential of these Blues on paper, and the name of the legendary Ole Einar Bjorndalen, six times winner of the big globe and eight times champion Olympic, currently a consultant for Norwegian television after coaching the China team from 2019 to 2022, has returned.

Asked by Ski Chronothe Norwegian did not say no: “Before thinking about it and giving answers to the press, the question should first be asked and there should be a request from the federation or the crew.(…) Of course it is an interesting post. It’s a very strong team, with great athletes and a lot of talent. No matter who gets the job, it will be a privilege for him to be the coach of this team which has excellent results, even if this year its level has been far from its potential. “While French shooting coach Siegfried Mazet has extended his contract with the Norwegian team until 2026, having Bjorndalen at the head of the Blues would ultimately only be an exchange of good precedents for the two flagship nations of the world biathlon…

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