Ireland hold their Grand Slam

Ireland hold their Grand Slam

In difficulty for an hour against a valiant England team reduced to fourteen at the end of the first act, Ireland knew how to react to win with the offensive bonus (29-16) and secure the fourth Grand Slam of its history in the 6 Nations Tournament.

After 1948, 2009 and 2018, Ireland is holding its fourth Grand Slam well. In an Aviva Stadium full as an egg and wishing to extend the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, Andy Farrell’s players were able to do what was necessary to sign a fifth victory in five games when they received England. However, as if the victory of the XV of France against Wales a few minutes earlier had put additional pressure, the XV of Clover did not make a prodigious start to the match.

On the contrary, the Irish have multiplied the faults and offered points to Owen Farrell, back at the opening for the XV of the Rose. In the first quarter of an hour which saw a revengeful English selection take the initiative, two penalties made it possible to materialize this domination in the score. However, for what should be his last match in the Tournament, Jonathan Sexton sounded the charge by improving an English foul on the ground and unlocking the counter of his formation. While both teams abused the kicking game to try to make a difference, it was shortly after the half hour mark that Dan Sheehan released his audience.

Ireland have not mastered everything

Following a carried ball set up after a touch, Josh van der Flier was able to get the ball out and find his hooker. The latter did not ask for his rest to flatten the first try of the meeting, transformed by Jonathan Sexton. An end of the first act which turned into a nightmare for the XV of the Rose. Indeed, Freddie Steward received a red card that could appear severe for an intervention lacking control with a hip and an elbow on Hugo Keenan.

With only four points ahead at the break, Ireland could not calculate but could not find the fault in the English defense. Indiscipline struck again when the Irish front line collapsed in scrum, giving Owen Farrell three more points. However, the good resistance of the XV de la Rose ended up withering away on the hour mark. In the space of six minutes, the XV of Clover went to the test twice. It was first of all Robbie Henshaw who made the Irish public rise, coming to conclude an action on which Bundee Aki narrowly missed flattening.

The Grand Slam coupled with the Triple Crown

Dan Sheehan then went there with his double by concluding in a corner a long action such as a three-quarter. Hit but not sunk, the English raised their heads seven minutes from the siren. Coming to conclude the work of his teammates on the front lines, Jamie George forced the passage to bring his team closer to eight points. However, the English ended the match at thirteen, Jack Willis receiving a yellow card for a cathedral tackle on Ross Byrne. Two more, the Irish went to get the offensive bonus in extremis thanks to Rob Harring.

The hooker was able to grab the ball after a ruck to flatten just behind the line. This victory (29-16) completes the Grand Slam but also the Triple Crown of Ireland, which confirms its status as the world’s first nation and its place among the favorites for the World Cup. England, after the humiliation suffered on their land, showed much better intentions but without the account being there. From a distance, the Blues saw the 6 Nations Tournament trophy escape them but a rematch may well take place in the fall.

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