Stuck in dirty sheets?


The (short) love story between Gérard Piqué and the International Tennis Federation is about to end in court.

Even though he retired from football last November, Gerard Pique continues to be talked about a lot. On a private level firstwith its particularly publicized separation with the Colombian singer Shakira, but also on a professional level, with her involvement in various projects. And it is precisely one of them who will once again make people talk about the former FC Barcelona player since the International Tennis Federation (ITF) is about to bring him to justice, as well as his company Kosmos.

The ITF and Kosmos had at the time reached an agreement for Pique’s company to obtain the rights to the Davis Cup. And according to Sport, the ITF would not be at all satisfied with what Kosmos did with the mythical competition. The Spanish media thus assures that the Federation is working on the launch of a ” action for damages against Kosmos, owned by Gerard Piqué, for having unilaterally breached a contract signed in 2019« .

ITF lawyers confident

While the initial agreement was for a twenty-five-year commitment, this was broken three years later, Piqué explaining that his company was no longer in a position to meet the payments (40 million euros annually paid to the ITF, as well as 10 million to be distributed to participants). Considering itself financially injured by this breach of commitment, the International Federation should therefore quickly counterattack in order to recover the debts relating to previous editions of the Davis Cup. According to the outlet, ITF lawyers ” are convinced that they will win the case“. Bad news for Gerard Pique.

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