Neymar, the terrible accusation

Neymar, the terrible accusation

Jean-Michel Larqué has drawn up a damning constant on Neymar’s season.

The World Cup left its mark… Eliminated with Brazil in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup, Neymar clearly did not digest this episode. After having achieved a great first part of the season in Parisian colours, the star Auriverde, who did not score a single goal in 2023, has been unrecognizable since his return from Qatar.

Target of criticism from observers, Neymar would no longer be concerned at all by the end of the PSG season, according to Jean-Michel Larqué, who accuses the former Barcelonan of being only interested in the Brazilian selection. “I’m afraid that Neymar has made efforts that he will no longer be able to do or that he no longer wants to do”lamented the former Greens player on the airwaves of RMC.

“Natural has come back at a gallop”

And Jean-Michel Larqué to add a layer: “What do I blame Neymar for? I reproach that the natural has come back at a gallop. There are no more important international deadlines. He considers that there is only one important team, Brazil, that there was only one important stage, the World Cup. We were a little deceived by this start to the season for Neymar. » A terrible observation.

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