In tears, Lloris cracked

In tears, Lloris cracked

Hugo Lloris could not hold back his tears after hearing the tribute of some teammates in reaction to the announcement of his international retirement.

A page in the great history of the France team turned just a few weeks after the announcement of Hugo Lloris’ international retirement. After nearly fifteen years in the France team, the Nice goalkeeper has decided to turn his back on the Blues. “There comes a time when you have to know how to pass the hand, he confided, Monday, to explain his decision. I don’t want to make it my own, I’ve always said and repeated that the France team doesn’t belong to anyone, and we all have to make sure that’s the case, me first. I think that behind the team is ready to continue, there is also a goalkeeper who is ready. »

The announcement of the French captain’s retirement sparked strong reactions. ” I understand his decision even if I regret it, Didier Deschamps reacted again on Wednesday. He is someone who has been very important for the France team both on a human level and on a sporting level. I tell you what I told him. I’ll miss him. We will miss him. But it is his decision and we must say thank you for everything he has done. »

We are linked for life

As soon as the announcement of the international retirement of Hugo Lloris, many Blues reacted on social networks to greet their former captain. Raphael Varane, Kylian Mbappé. Antoine Griezmann or Olivier Giroud had all gone there with their tribute. Some have given a layer in front of the Téléfoot camera for an emotional sequence which will be broadcast on Sunday. ” That’s it, the time has come. I’m smiling because I’m proud of you.” threw Blaise Matuidi at him, Paul Pogba emphasizing “all these parades, all these rescues that you were able to give us, make us”.

“We are linked, as you told me not too long ago, for life”, confided Olivier Giroud. Strong words that shook Hugo Lloris who could not hold back his tears while listening to the tributes of his partners.

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