Deadbeat Kosmos?

Deadbeat Kosmos?

According to information from L’Equipe, the Kosmos group would have been ejected by the International Tennis Federation for the organization of the Davis Cup because it did not pay all the sums promised.

It’s a statement that surprised everyone on Thursday evening, and which delighted many tennis players and fans. The International Tennis Federation has decided to end its partnership with the Kosmos group, which has been organizing the Davis Cup since 2019, with a new formula made almost exclusively of matches on neutral ground which did not please everyone. , far from there. But why such a turnaround? According to information from The team, it’s about money issues. “Kosmos got fired because, as many pundits predicted four years ago, they lost a lot of money and weren’t able to pay what they promised,” a source reveals in daily sports. While Kosmos had to pay the players of the eight teams qualified for the quarter-finals of the 2022 edition, won by Canada, the group led by Gérard Piqué did not, and the International Federation had to take care of it.

Kosmos wanted to trade lower

always in The team, the president of the French Tennis Federation Gilles Moretton explained Thursday evening that the greatest vagueness had always reigned around the Kosmos group. “Even the members of the Davis Cup Committee do not know the reasons for the rupture. And no more who is at the origin of the separation. Is it because Kosmos didn’t pay? We ignore it. But it’s been like that from the start. On this story, we had no transparency. I asked to see the Kosmos contract and they wouldn’t give it to me. In November, in Glasgow, I even asked a member of the Davis Cup Committee, the Egyptian Ismail El Shafei, and he didn’t know any more. Nobody is aware of the contracts, except Haggerty (the president of the International Federation, editor’s note). ” According to Brand, the ITF was asking Kosmos for €40 million a year in compensation to host the Davis Cup and the two sides failed to reach an agreement after Kosmos asked to revise this figure downwards. In the meantime, the Davis Cup version 2019-2023 with Kosmos seems buried, but what formula will be put in place from 2024 without Kosmos? Tennis players and fans can’t wait to find out more!

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