L’UBB fera sans Radradra

L'UBB fera sans Radradra

Announced recently in the sights of Bordeaux-Bègles, Semi Radradra should not ultimately make its return to Gironde. Josaia Raisuqe in Castres, Etienne Falgoux in Clermont and Jonathan Danty in La Rochelle should soon extend their contracts.

UBB could suffer a setback on the transfer front. While Damian Penaud has already given his agreement to join the formation which will be under the orders of Yannick Bru and Thibault Giroud next season, the Girondin club recently hoped to bring back one of its former players. At the end of the contract with the English formation of Bristol, Semi Radradra was a track mentioned by the leaders of the UBB in order to reinforce the manpower at the level of the back lines. Nevertheless, the president of the Girondin club Laurent Marti had confided to being reserved on the case of the Fijian, in particular because of the obligation to respect the salary cap imposed by the LNR. According to the daily The team, the track has been definitively ruled out even if a three-quarter is still sought. A recruitment which should be accompanied by the arrival of a right pillar, a second line but also a player in the third line.

Danty, an extension despite the injury

If he will be sidelined for many months due to a knee injury, Jonathan Danty has decided to secure his medium-term future. While he still has a year left on his contract with La Rochelle, the club in which he has been playing since last season after wearing the colors of Stade Français Paris between 2011 and 2021, the three-quarters international center (18 caps) has finally silenced the rumors of a possible return to a club in the capital which will undergo a major restructuring next summer. Indeed, according to daily information The team, Jonathan Danty has accepted the contract extension offer proposed by his managers. As a result, the Paris native will be contracted with the Maritimes for three more seasons, until the summer of 2027.

Raisuqe remains faithful to Castres, Falgoux will not move from Clermont

On the Castres side, we do not intend to let Josaia Raisuqe go. Arrived in the Tarn at the start of the 2021-2022 season after wearing the colors of Stade Français Paris and Nevers, the versatile three-quarter converted to the third-line position will extend with the CO. Indeed, according to daily information The team, an agreement was reached between all the parties so that the player aligned eleven times this season, but only three times as a starter, commits for two additional seasons, i.e. until June 2025. In Clermont too, the time is on contract extensions. After the shock wave of the announced departure of Damian Penaud, the ASM has decided to consolidate the commitment of one of its executives, in this case Etienne Falgoux. The left pillar with three selections with the XV of France, who has always evolved with the Jaunards since the start of his professional career, should soon sign a contract for three more years, i.e. until the end of the season. 2025-2026.

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