Desailly in turmoil

Desailly in turmoil

World champion 1998, Marcel Desailly is the subject of a paternity recognition procedure, reports Le Parisien.

One of the great figures of French football, crowned world champion in 1998 then European champion two years later, Marcel Desailly, known as the rock, hung up his crampons in 2006. Since then, the person concerned began a career as consultant, while becoming an ambassador for Unicef, the association for the defense of children’s rights. A beautiful calling card for an emblematic player who today finds himself in turmoil.

The former defensive pillar of the Blues and AC Milan in particular is the subject of legal proceedings launched by his former companion, Cosma Batista de Alcantara, who has taken legal action to claim recognition of paternity. A little girl was born from their love on March 20, 2014, in the absence of the former footballer. ” With hindsight, I think it was so as not to declare it… “, blows to the Parisian the young Brazilian woman.

“I was naive”

Four years earlier, the two lovers had met. At a time when Marcel Desailly was still married to the mother of his four children. Cosma Batista de Alcantara, then, divorces quickly, and waits for her counterpart to do the same. ” I was naive. I saw him as my protector. I now feel like he used me like an object, threw me away when he didn’t want it anymore “, she continues.

« Given all the evidence, I don’t see how it (Marcel Desailly, editor’s note) could deny (his paternity, editor’s note)”, pleads Me Françoise Rozelaar-Vigier, the complainant’s lawyer. In 2016, the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal had validated the paternity of the person concerned with a young 25-year-old Varoise hitherto unrecognized.

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