Argentina-France: The dirty trick of the FFF against the Blues before the final

Argentina-France: The dirty trick of the FFF against the Blues before the final

The players of the France team did not like an initiative by the FFF at all, which tried to save money on the backs of the Blues by repatriating them on a low-cost flight.

Noël Le Graët often defends the results of the French Football Federation by highlighting the good results of the French team, which played in its second consecutive World Cup final. But there are other ways of judging the health of a sports federation, such as its financial situation, and the article in Le Parisien this Friday has something to question.

We learn that the administrative department of the FFF, for the sake of economy, decided on a certain number of measures which ended up annoying the players and the management of the France team and the members of the staff. Among them, telephones and SIM cards which have not been granted to members of the staff, or even the transport of the companions of the players in economy class to Qatar.

“It’s pathetic”

But the most unpopular measure is the attempt by the FFF to get the Blues on a low-cost flight with Air Portugal. Didier Deschamps and his players learned about it three days before the final against Argentina, and they did not hide their anger. The FFF then tried to rectify things, but a large part of the delegation returned to France with Air France, in economy class. “We brought millions of euros to the FFF with the place of vice-world champion and we wanted to bring us back by counting the money, annoys a member of the Blues in the columns of Parisian. It’s pathetic. »

It should be noted that Noël Le Graët would rather be spared by the criticisms of the Blues and their relatives. It would be Florence Hardouin, the controversial general manager, who inherited grievances more easily.

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