Algeria-Cameroon: Eto’o fears a tragedy!

Algeria-Cameroon: Eto'o fears a tragedy!

Filmed attacking an Algerian YouTuber, Samuel Eto’o admitted his wrongs, but the president of the Cameroonian Football Federation denounces the behavior of certain Fennecs supporters.

It is an image that has gone around the world. Samuel Eto’o, African football legend and president of the Cameroon Football Federation, was filmed on Monday night physically attacking an Algerian YouTuber. The latter would have challenged him about the barrage of the World Cup qualifiers, between Algeria and Cameroon, which has caused so much controversy.

Eto’o apologized on Tuesday for “this unfortunate incident. » Former FC Barcelona striker “deeply regret losing [son] composure and to have reacted in a way that does not correspond to [sa] personality. »

Eto’o denounces “daily harassment”

However, Eto’o does not hesitate to denounce the behavior of many Algerian supporters. “I am the target of insults and allegations of cheating without any basis”, explains the Cameroonian leader, who evokes “constant provocation” and one “daily bullying”.

Eto’o fears that the situation will get worse. “I ask the Algerian authorities and the sister federation to take their responsibilities to put an end to this deleterious climate before a more serious tragedy occurs”, he wrote.

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