Giroud at the World Cup? The clear opinion of a former Blue

Giroud at the World Cup?  The clear opinion of a former Blue

Sparkling with AC Milan, Wednesday evening in the Champions League, Olivier Giroud leaves Didier Deschamps no other choice than to take him on the list of Blues for the 2022 World Cup.

During the last gathering of the French team, Didier Deschamps had urged Olivier Giroud to ” do everything “ to stay at the highest level in order to be selected for the 2022 World Cup. It is clear that his message was heard by the AC Milan striker. Author of two goals and two assists on Wednesday evening in the Champions League, during the big victory of the Lombards against Salzburg (4-0), the 2018 world champion once again made an impression.

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One week before the announcement of the list of Blues, the timing is obviously ideal, but the Rossonero did not wait for this last straight line before the World Cup to be effective. Since the start of the season, he has scored 8 goals and 4 assists in 17 matches in all competitions with the Italian club and has also been decisive with the selection, scoring against Austria in the Nations League on September 22. . Enough to fly to Qatar?

At first, yes. Former tricolor international, Djibril Cissé would not understand that “DD” did not take it. “He does the job, he scores goal after goal. Even when we call him second in the French team, he does the job, he scores goals, he said on the set of the show Greg’s team. At some point, you can’t miss it. I love it, so maybe I’m not objective, but it does the job! And then, what would Deschamps’ explanation be if he doesn’t take it? »

For Cisse, ” There is no photo “

No doubt the question of his change in status since Karim Benzema’s return to blue would then come back to the table, the coach having already explained several times that it was difficult for a former manager to accept a new role as lining. Except that, since Euro 2021 and the brutal demotion of Olivier Giroud in the hierarchy of attackers, “the situation has changed”according to the former Auxerre and Liverpool scorer, now a consultant on the L’Equipe channel.

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“I think Olivier has understood that he will be a substitute and that he will have less playing time than before. And on the playing time he will have, he will do the job as he has already done, he assured. For me, there is no photo, Giroud’s name is on the list. » His stats and attitude speak in his favour. His recent statements about his relationship with “KB9” have also undoubtedly eased the tensions that could exist between the two men. Would Didier Deschamps therefore have no more excuses?

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