The Notes: Donnarumma pulls out all the stops



  • 1/8

    PSG ratings

    Here are the ratings of Paris Saint-Germain players after the match at Benfica (1-1).

  • 2/8

    Gianluigi Donnarumma: 8/10

    On his line, he is often impeccable. The Parisian goalkeeper pulled out all the stops on several occasions, in the first period (8th, 14th, 18, 37), but also at the end of the match (81st).

  • 3/8

    Danilo Pereira: 10/6

    In a position that is not his, the Portuguese was the best Parisian defender, despite an own goal (41st) where he was surprised. Sergio Ramos (5/10) and especially Marquinhos (4/10) showed less confidence.

  • 4/8

    Nuno Mendes: 5/10

    The Portuguese left side made little difference before leaving on injury (61st). As for Achraf Hakimi (5/10), Benfica’s goal came from his side (41st), but he was more active in the second half, with several chances (49th, 51st, 61st).

  • 5/8

    Vitinha: 6/10

    Its technical quality is always interesting, especially when it is necessary to transmit quickly and just forward, as on the goal of Messi (22nd). The return of Marco Verratti (6/10) was also good.

  • 6/8

    Lionel Messi: 6.5 / 10

    A very nice goal, where he is at the start of the action, before concluding with a superb strike (22nd). He then experienced a bit of a waste in the second half.

  • 7/8

    Neymar: 6/10

    Victim of a fault from the 1st minute, he still seemed very fit. Decisive passer for Messi (22nd), then author of a return from the left on the bar (49th).

  • 8/8

    Kylian Mbappe: 5/10

    He is involved in Messi’s goal (22nd), but his first period was quite neutral. A nice strike then (69th), but we can expect better.

The Parisian goalkeeper pulled out all the stops at Benfica (1-1), to save his team’s few defensive mistakes.

Donnarumma stops:

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