Chaumont puts pressure on Tours

Thanks to his clear victory in Toulouse, Chaumont has the same number of points as Tours before his match in Montpellier this Saturday. Cambrai sought success on the ground of AS Cannes when Sète plunged Tourcoing a little more into doubt.

Tours will not have the right to make mistakes against Montpellier. While the undefeated leader of the Men’s League A will find the Hérault this Saturday, Chaumont did not miss the opportunity to come back up to the TVB in the standings. On the Toulouse floor, the players of Silvano Prandi missed most of the first round. The Spacer’s, led by Joachim Panou (20 points) raced ahead to get closer to two points from the set. It was then that Chaumont aligned four consecutive points to tear off the sleeve. The second set does not have at all the same physiognomy with the teammates of Jesus Herrera (17 points) who, this time, made the race in front from start to finish to make the break with ten points in advance. The third set was more hooked with the two teams exchanging the lead in the score. But, after saving five set points, Chaumont snatched the victory (23-25, 15-25, 29-31).

Cambrai wins again, Sète pushes Tourcoing

This opening of the 7th day of Men’s League A was also the opportunity for Cambrai to end a series of two consecutive defeats at the expense of AS Cannes. Roman Ondrusek’s proteges first dominated the first set before seeing the Dragons reverse the trend in a second round which has been unfavorable for them for a long time to pick up. The Cambrésiens then took control to pocket the next two sets and the match (23-25, 25-22, 21-25, 23-25) with a hard fight.. Beaten in his last two outings in the league, Tourcoing believed he could revive after winning the first set on the floor of Set. But the Arago players reacted immediately to return to a round without too much difficulty before turning in the lead at the end of the third round. More hooked, the fourth set ended up turning in favor of the Sétois (20-25, 25-20, 25-22, 29-27), who continue to alternate victory and defeat. For Tourcoing, this third straight setback could tip the club into the relegation zone.

Friday, November 12, 2021
Sète – Tourcoing: 3-1 (20-25, 25-20, 25-22, 29-27)
AS Cannes – Cambrai : 1-3 (23-25, 25-22, 21-25, 23-25)
Toulouse – Chaumont : 0-3 (23-25, 15-25, 29-31)

Saturday, November 13, 2021
18h00: Paris – Plessis-Robinson
19h30 : Poitiers – Narbonne
20h00 : Tours – Montpellier

Sunday November 14, 2021
17h00 : Nantes-Rezé – Nice

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