A month after the clashes of NiceIF, Ligue 1 fans attended new excesses during the 113th North derby between Lens and Lille (1-0). At the break, Lensois supporters invaded the field to do battle with Lille fans before the police intervened. A lamentable spectacle and images that harm French football. At the microphone of the encrypted channel, Mickaël Landreau demanded heavy penalties to end the violence in the stadiums.

« It doesn’t matter who triggers it. At one point, you have to express the rules and sanction the supporters who were on the pitch, said the former goalkeeper. As long as there are no deaths … Let’s hit hard before it’s too late. We must have this responsibility and it is not just in camera. It doesn’t solve the problems. You have to hit hard. It can be on points, as for Nice. Everyone needs to realize that it’s ‘Stop’. »

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