Guilty of domestic violence, Boateng takes very dear




  • 1/9

    Jerome Boateng

    The ex-Bayern defender is accused by his ex-fiancee.

  • 2/9

    Jerome Boateng

    He has just signed up with OL.

  • 3/9

    Jerome Boateng

    He denies having assaulted the mother of his two daughters.

  • 4/9

    Jerome Boateng

    The Berlin native says he was pushed around by his ex before pushing him around.

  • 5/9

    Jerome Boateng

    Sherin Senler accuses her of biting her and spitting on her.

  • 6/9

    Sherin Senler

    The mother of Boateng’s two twins.

  • 7/9

    Jerome Boateng

    He was then in the midst of a dispute over his future transfer to PSG.

  • 8/9

    Jerome Boateng

    His transfer to Paris had collapsed at the last minute.

  • 9/9

    Jerome Boateng

    He lost his last ex-girlfriend, who committed suicide.

The new defender of Olympique Lyonnais has been heavily condemned by German justice

The verdict fell for Jérôme Boateng. The German defender, who joined Olympique Lyonnais this summer, had to answer accusations of domestic violence by his former partner, Sherin Senler.

The 2014 world champion was convicted of assault and battery, and he was fined 1.8 million euros, the maximum penalty in such a case.

On the other hand, Boateng avoids prison, he who risked up to five years in prison.

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