Real: An extension that says a lot


Failing to recruit as it should, Real is content to highlight the extension of … Dani Carvajal.

Times are hard. Even for the Real Madrid. Like its great national rival, FC Barcelona, ​​Florentino Perez’s club is financially incapable of showing itself to its advantage in this summer transfer window. As was the case a year earlier. Then coach Zinedine Zidane had not registered any rookies.

While the soap opera Kylian Mbappé is used to diffuse a smokescreen, the Spanish club thus not having the hundreds of millions necessary to transfer the striker of the PSG, that of Dani Carvajal takes over.

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On Thursday, Real’s social networks were activated, notably by # Carvajal2025, to announce the good news: the extension until 2025 of the right side. It is not certain that this can transcend White House supporters.

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