Our debrief of the memorable France-Switzerland (video)




  • 1/15

    Kylian Mbappé

    Kylian Mbappé stumbles on Yann Sommer; Switzerland eliminates France in the round of 16 of the Euro.

  • 2/15

    The cold shower for the Blues

    The Blues of Didier Deschamps bow to Switzerland in the round of 16 of Euro 2020.

  • 3/15

    Karim Benzema

    Karim Benzema had set the record straight for the Blues in just two minutes.

  • 4/15

    Hugo lloris

    Hugo Lloris had rejected a penalty awarded to the Swiss at the start of the second half. A stop at the turning point of the match.

  • 5/15

    Hugo Lloris (7/10)

    Mocked for his lack of penalty postponed for ages, the goalkeeper and captain of the Blues played the heroes by taking out the penal of the potential 2-0 Swiss hit by Rodriguez before the hour mark (55th). He can do nothing on the 3 pretty goals of the Nati. He does not save France on penalties.

  • 6/15

    Raphaël Varane (3)

    Already struggling against Portugal, the Real Madrid player has regularly sank. He was first lost by the absence of Pavard on two occasions and mowed down Zuber to take a yellow (30th). He then faltered again: passive in front of Seferovic on the 2nd Swiss goal (81st), inert on the refused goal (85th) but also submerged on the 3-3 (90th). A big rescue in overtime (98th).

  • 7/15

    Clement Lenglet (3.5)

    Central element of the hinge at 3 during the first half hour of play, he was rather calm but he was largely beaten on the opening scoring of Seferovic (15th). Exit at half-time.

  • 8/15

    Presnel Kimpembe (4)

    Hit in the ankle entry, the Parisian left-hander suffered a little in the first period without being put in difficulty. Erased by Embolo on the big opportunity at the start of the second half (50th), he was intractable before being dribbled on the equalizer in the 90th minute.

  • 9/15

    Benjamin Surname (3)

    First right piston, which led him to ask very high on the wing, he was sometimes late in his defensive replacement, which put Varane in difficulty. He was yelled at twice (27th and 30th). The 1st Swiss goal comes from his side (15th) and he mows down Zuber for the missed penalty of the 55th. He could have made up for it but fell on Sommer in overtime (95th).

  • 10/15

    Paul Pogba (7)

    He was rewarded for his fantastic Euro with a no less fantastic long shot (75th), but he lost the ball on the equalizer which offered the extension (90th). In the game, he still started offensives by his quality of passes. He put Mbappé into orbit several times (56th and 68th, 109th). Defensively, he may be too passive.

  • 11/15

    N’Golo Kanté (5)

    Martyred by Renato Sanches in the previous match, the Chelsea player was not instructed this time to go chasing away the opposing raiseers. He played as a reclaimer and had less of an impact on the game. Worse, he sometimes lost his one-on-one.

  • 12/15

    Adrien Rabiot (5)

    Deschamps made him play at 3 positions. He was initially a hybrid left piston since he defended on the side but left the corridor in the offensive phase, creating however 2 missed opportunities. He then moved up to the middle before moving to the left side of a defense to 4, where he was sober in the game and physically strong.

  • 13/15

    Antoine Griezmann (6)

    It was not from the great Griezmann but he was precious as very often. In 10 or on the right after half-time, he stood out between the lines and is involved in the 2 French goals of the hour of play by being at the origin of the first (57th) and by stumbling on Sommer on the 2nd (59th). Deschamps took it out in the 88th.

  • 14/15

    Karim Benzema (7,5)

    A little discreet in the game, because he tries to stay ahead, “KB9” has again shown that he is above the rest from a technical point of view. His discounts were a delight and his control over the 1-1 will become legendary (57th). He offered himself a new double in stride (59th). He tried to give voice before leaving, replaced by Giroud (94th).

  • 15/15

    Kylian Mbappé (5)

    He failed to open his goal counter and ended up missing the last shot on goal. He was once again the most dangerous French player and was involved in the first 2 French goals (57th and 59th). But he missed the frame many times until the end of 120 minutes (26th, 43rd, 55th, 109th, 110th). He quickly displayed signs of fatigue.

A few minutes after the elimination of the France team in the round of 16 of the Euro against Switzerland, we tried to analyze the performance of the Blues.

L’French team took the door, Monday evening, in Romania, while the world champions were among the big favorites of Euro 2020. But what a grandiose experience! It was in an Arena Nationala in Bucharest that encouraged Kylian Mbappé before gradually supporting the Swiss selection that the Blues fell against the Nati on penalties (3-3).

Half an hour after the shot on goal of the French number 10 rejected by Yann Sommer, we launched a live on Football.fr’s Facebook page to discuss the encounter experienced in the stands (Thomas Siniecki in the turn and Jean-Sébastien Grond in press). The walls of the Steaua were then empty of any support.

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