Did Giroud contaminate Benzema?

It is definitely not good to be a center forward in the France team once summer comes …

If the France team has often been able to count on its numbers 10 to shine in major competitions, including Michel Platini or Zinedine Zidane, the Blues have never been able to rely on a prolific center-forward since the chef-d work by Just Fontaine made in 1958 with no less than 13 goals in six matches. Since then, no attacker has really been able to panic the counters.

The most memorable examples obviously date back to the sacred of 1998 and 2018 when Stéphane Guivarc’h then Olivier Giroud both had finished with a terrible zero points. Without this preventing the Blues from being sacred. But whether it is Bernard Lacombe in 1984, Jean-Pierre Papin in 1986 or 1992, David Trezeguet or Nicolas Anelka at the beginning of the century, no big French center forward has been able to stand out.

A terrible black series

With his three goals scored in five matches at the 2014 World Cup, Karim Benzema was almost an exception. But given the debut of the Madrid striker at this Euro 2020, the Lyonnais seems to have been in turn caught up by the curse that struck Olivier Giroud, yet the second highest scorer in the history of the Blues.

The statistics are also terrible. The Blue have now chained eleven matches in a major tournament without their center forward scoring a goal. Before Karim Benzema’s two scoreless meetings at Euro 2020 and the seven matches chained by Olivier Giroud without scoring at the 2018 World Cup, the former Gunner had indeed finished Euro 2016 without finding the flaw in the half. final and final. We have to go back to the quarter-final against Iceland to find a French center forward shaking the nets …

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