Super League, a new formula under study




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    Aleksander Ceferin

    The UEFA president.

  • 2/6

    Florentino Perez

    The boss of Real Madrid, at the origin of the Super League project.

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    Exclusion from the Champions League could be one of the sanctions applied.

  • 4/6

    Andrea Agnelli

    The president of Juventus Turin.

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    Super League

    The Super League project was shattered, barely two days its announcement in the media.

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    The English weight

    Along with Liverpool, five other Premier League clubs have given up on participating in the Super League. Which precipitated the quack.

More than a month after the abortive launch of the Super League, the founders of this dissident competition continue to work on a new version.

On April 19, twelve clubs announced the creation of the Super League. A closed championship project bringing together some of the biggest European cars coming in particular to compete with the Champions League or the Europa League. Less than a week later, this Super League was abandoned by nine of the founding members and to date, only Real Madrid, Juventus and FC Barcelona are still directly linked to the project. And they are not letting go.

Despite the sanctions already imposed and those who could still fall on their heads, the founders of the Super League are currently working on a new version. This is what the SER string this Wednesday. The Spanish media specifies that the reworked competition would be ” more open” , with a ” highlighting of sporting merit“. Under the threat of a two-year exclusion in the Champions League, Juve, Real and Barça further aggravate their case.

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