Millner doesn’t want the Super League




  • 1/20

    Florentino Pérez

    The president of Real is the boss of The Super League!

  • 2/20

    The Liverpool audience

    The American owners of the Reds played an important role in the creation of the Super League.

  • 3/20

    Manchester United

    Three English clubs have found funding from New York bank JP Morgan.

  • 4/20


    The Gunners are also owned by an American businessman …

  • 5/20

    Andrea Agnelli (right)

    He will ultimately be one of the leaders of the Super League!

  • 6/20

    San Siro

    The two Milan clubs are at the rendezvous.

  • 7/20

    Josep Bartomeu

    The former president had announced that Barça would participate in a European League.

  • 8/20


    The French champion refused the Super League project.

  • 9/20

    Nasser Al-Khelaîfi

    Qatar would not be in favor of this competition.

  • 10/20

    Emmanuel Macron

    The French president is against a European Super League.

  • 11/20


    The international body threatens the big clubs and their players in the event of participation in a Superleague.

  • 12/20

    Champions League

    The new formula of the LOC will soon be unveiled …

  • 13/20

    The sacred PSG on the green carpet

    Some already imagine the sacred PSG on the green carpet given potential exclusions.

  • 14/20

    Ander Herrera

    Ander Herrera was one of the first to oppose the creation of the Super League.

  • 15/20

    Nasser-Al-Khelaîfi-Leonardo-et-Jeant-Claude-Blanc-670 × 370

    But PSG is still hoped for by the founding clubs of the Super League.

  • 16/20

    Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

    And the same is true of Bayern Munich.

  • 17/20


    A second French club could be invited.

  • 18/20

    Porto-Juventus in pictures

    A total of 20 teams must take part in the competition.

  • 19/20

    Arsenal Tottenham

    The Super League could start in 2022.

  • 20/20

    Guardiola and Zidane

    In total, the participants could share up to 10 billion euros according to the press release published by the founding clubs.

While Liverpool are among the 12 founding clubs of the Super League, James Millner stepped up to regret the competition of this new competition.

The creation of the Super League continues to agitate England. Many voices were heard to protest against the launch of this new competition which should give pride of place to the big European clubs. This is especially true at Liverpool where fans have stepped up to express their disgust and where Jürgen Klopp has also expressed his disapproval.

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And so it is with James Millner, one of the symbols of the Reds. “I can only give my personal opinion and I don’t like it at all and hope it won’t happen. The current system has been working fine for a long time, which made this event so special, he said after the draw (1-1) conceded against Leeds on Monday. We have won the right to win the Champions League and the right to win the Premier League. The product we have now is very good. It’s difficult. Arriving at the match today, Leeds fans showed what they think. As players we don’t really have a say so it’s a bit unfair. All we can do is try to win football matches. ”

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